About Us


Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

D & J Oil Company is a diversified oil and gas company dedicated to superior execution and results. D & J positions its skills and wealth of practical experience to cost effectively exploit resources with rapid project cycle times. D & J sets quality standards for its staff, reflecting the integrity and work ethic that are essential for success in an industry, which requires significant capital investment. D & J is committed to conducting operations in a professional manner, striving to maintain close working relationships with each of its working interest owners.

What We Do

D & J currently expanded its business into another area of the oil and gas industry . D & J now operates two Commercial Saltwater disposal wells and contract operates a third one. The Fox SWD in Blaine County and the Peggy SWD in Major County and D & J contract operates the Oak Valley SWD in Kingfisher County. All feature state of the art equipment and unloading systems that maximize the efficiency and operation of the wells.

  • Geological investigation of prospective oil and gas opportunities
  • Reservoir engineering and operations assessment
  • Property and project economic evaluation
  • Lease diligence and land acquisition
  • Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing technologies
  • Low-damage drilling and innovative completion practices